Jan Bachman
Animal Plate
San Pascual
micaceous pot
  • Emmy Cheney
  • 575-581-4752
  • PO Box 187, El Rito, NM 87530

  • map site #2
  • fine micaceous pottery
chocolate desserts
Moo-La-La Quilt Detail
Chair and Doves Sculpture
New Mexico Landscape
Buffalo Hadden Valley
Tom Quinn Kumpf
  • michaelm
  • gizmonewmex@gmail.com
  • 505-614-7103
  • PO Box 171, El Rito, NM 87530

  • map site #9
  • handmade instruments, afternoon live acoustic music -- stringed instrument acoustic music
hand-woven tapestry
La Senora de las Perros in the Desert
untitled artwork
Sixteen Patch Moon Quilt
Cigar Box Guitars
Julie Wagner